Pressure transducers for pressure and force measurement

Static and dynamic pressure measurement of liquids and greases in hydraulic or pneumatic machine control systems, also in wet and electrically disturbed areas.



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Product features and benefits:

  • Tight, non-corroding
  • Highly overloadable, shockproof
  • Extremely small dead space, easy assembly
  • Output: 0… 20 mA; 4… 20 mA; 0 ... 10 V
  • Excellent reproducibility and linearity
  • Suitable for damp areas and harsh environments
  • Flange receptacle with gold contacts on request
  • Operating temperature: -50… + 120 ° C (higher values on request)
  • 0.1 % or 0.05 % combined error
  • Nominal pressure 10; 25; 50; 100; 250; 500; … 1500 bar (standard); other values on request
  • ATEX certification available
  • Customer-specific design for safety-critical applications on request
  • With option K, all pressure transducers are available with narrow tolerances

Special feature of the W series:

The pressure transducers DGW10, -11, -12 and -15 have a CAL standard that simulates 100% nominal pressure.
Zero point and end value can be adjusted on the power supply unit.
Various output signal ranges can be selected with the NK10 power supply unit:
0 ... 10V
0 ... 20 mA
4 ... 20 mA

Data sheet (pdf)Connection media sideNominal pressure levelsOutput signal
DGW10Thread M20x1,5; G1/2 "0...500 barselectable with NK 10
DGY10Thread M20x1,5; G1/2 "0...500 bar0...20 mA; 3/4 wire system
Data sheet (pdf)Connection mediaNominal pressure levelsOutput signal
DGW11Hydraulik SAE DN-190...500 barselectable with  NK10
DGY11Hydraulik SAE DN-190...500 bar0...20 mA
DGZ11Hydraulik SAE DN-190...500 bar4...20 mA; 3/4 wire system
DGXZ11Hydraulik SAE DN-190...500 bar4...20 mA; 2 wire system
Data sheet (pdf)Connection media sideNominal pressure levelsOutput signal
DGW12Hydraulic connection SW-132,5...1500 barselectable with  NK10
DGZ12M20x1,5; G1/2 "10...500 bar4...20 mA; 3/4 wire system
DG12M20x1,5; G1/2 "2,5...1500 barextern
Data sheet
on request
Connection media sideNominal pressure levelsOutput signal
DGW15Hydraulic connection SAE DN-322,5...500 barselectable with NK10
DGXZ15Hydraulic connection SAE DN-322,5...500 bar4...20 mA; 2 wire system


Feeding card NK10

for remote adjustment of zero point and nominal value.
Use with pressure transducers type DGW-10(K), DGW-11(K), DGW-12(K), DGW-15(K), if external ±15 V or +24 V are available.

Download Data sheet NK10 (pdf)