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Strip Tension Technology • Pressure and Force Measurement

System for Force and Strip Tension Measurement

Dr. Brandt measurement technology is the basis for safe and trouble-free process management. We are responsible for the development and manufacture of numerous measuring systems that impress with their long service life.
Our focus is on the precise measurement of tension force, compressive force, shear force and torque in a wide variety of processes. Innovative force and pressure sensors are used as transducers and load cells for this.


Strip Tension Measurement

The strip tension measurement and strip tension control are our core competencies. The program includes all common types of load cells for strip tension measurement in the steel and paper industries.
Our measuring systems can also be retrofitted in existing systems.


Pressure Transducer

DMS pressure transducer for static and dynamic pressure measurement with measuring ranges up to 500 bar. With thread or SAE connection in proven strain gauge technology for dynamic and static pressure measurement of liquids and greases, e.g. B. in hydraulic applications in rolling machines or transmission test benches.

Force measurement

We offer you a wide range of force sensors with nominal forces from 1 kN to 10 MN in various basic designs. Depending on the requirements, the properties or the dimensions of the load cells can be adapted.


Evaluation electronics

Our measurement electronics are used to display, forward and record measurement data. In principle, all of our strain gauge measuring amplifiers are suitable for connecting all force sensors, regardless of whether they were manufactured by us or not.