Force Transducers

  • Innovative force and compressionsensors as force transducers or load cells
  • Precise measuring systems with a long service life
  • Safe and trouble-free process management
  • Measurement technology for special projects
  • Possible retrofitting in existing systems



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Tension measuring rods

Tension measuring links are used when weighing hanging loads or e.g. for tension force monitoring in loop accumulators. In connection with two shackles and a field amplifier or measuring amplifier with display, they form a simple mobile crane scale. Possible tension force measurements result from conveyor belts, cranes, load bracing, vehicles, ships, ropes, chains and winches.
On request, tension measuring straps are also available in ATEX design or as a special design.
Load range 1… 200 t / 10… 2000 kN.

Data sheet ZK-3 (pdf)



Ring load cell

for absorbing axial loads, made of high-strength aluminum or special steel.
The diameters of the top correspond to those of the bearing ring of the axial spherical plain bearing GE. . AX / AW.
With option L, this bearing is attached by means of a centering ring.
Load range 0.1 ... 20 t

Data sheet MKR (pdf)


Membrane load cell / force transducer

Transducer as a circular or square disc for weighing or force measurement at low heights in the direction of the load with a load button on the top.
Possible options are a spherical bearing on the top or an overload protection with a base plate.
Load range 0… 50 kg to 0… 25 t

Data sheet MK_MQ (pdf)


Beam force transducer for high overload

Rectangular measuring beam made of stainless steel for measuring the machine force in pressing, punching or strip tension measurement. Equipment with overload protection is possible.
Load range 5 ... 50 t

Data sheet SB (pdf)


S-shaped load cell

The push-pull force transducers can be used universally for

  • Measure hanging loads
  • Installation in train scales, filling and mixing systems, lifting equipment
  • Measuring machine power, e.g. B. between double-acting pistons
  • Installation in material testing machines

Data sheet KDZ (pdf)