Dr. Brandt GmbH aims to meet the special requirements of dynamic processes in modern rolling mills or tandem mills  with the new M versions of its successful series of vertically operated measuring transducers for measuring strip tension. 

The new series is characterized by a new, leaner design, increased rigidity and an optimized surface design for the typical limiting conditions of such applications, such as moisture, heat, increased amounts of rolling and lubricants. With regard to measurement technology, the new M series features improved linearity and low measurement errors.

Together with the new evaluation unit BrandTronik 4.0, specially designed for integration in fast, dynamic control systems of new rolling mill generations, Dr. Brandt GmbH thus offers a new complete solution for strip tension measurements and control systems which impressively demonstrates the over 65 years of experience and the innovative strength of the Bochum-based specialist manufacturer.

Dr. Brandt GmbH has been an established manufacturer and technology leader in the field of high-precision measuring systems for many decades. Founded in 1949, we supply force and pressure measuring technology which is indispensable for the quality assurance and process control in industry. As a globally active pioneer in the industry, we are always working to develop our products further. We highlight the leading role of our medium-sized company on the measurement technology market through in-house developments among other things.

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