Strip Tension Measuring Systems for Metal
Production and Metal Working

Precision is a top priority in the production and processing of metals. Our measuring technology greatly contributes to making industrial processes future-proof in order to be able to manufacture products of the highest quality. For this purpose, we offer, among other things, strip tension measuring systems, rolling force measuring systems as well as weighing systems and pressure transducers.

Dr. Brandt strip tension measuring transducers have been successfully used for decades in many plants in the metalworking industry, from hot-rolled strip to recoiling lines. They offer extraordinary performance under the most difficult environmental and operating conditions, thus ensuring reliable operation of the system with consistently high product quality. Our transducers are characterized by long service life and low maintenance expenditure and costs.

Our weighing systems are used, for example, for ladle turrets, billet weighing, coil weighing and scrap trolleys. The ladle weighing in foundries is also one of the processes we provide with reliable measuring technology.

Moreover, by manufacturing innovative measuring systems for industrial applications we have specialized in the development and production of tailor-made solutions for complex plants and systems. These systems, which are individually adapted to the respective plant and its field of application, may not only be implemented in newly constructed processes but also lend themselves to replacing third-party products in existing plants.

In addition, our product range offers a large number of standardized components, such as standardized strip tension transducers or load cells capable of being attached to all common roller bearing variants via adapter plates.


Calibration Services Offered by Dr. Brandt