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Dr. Brandt GmbH

Dr. Brandt GmbH has been an established manufacturer and technology leader in the field of high-precision measuring systems for many decades. Founded in 1949, we supply force and compression measurement technology which plays a vital role in the quality assurance and process control in industry. As a globally acting pioneer in our industrial field, we are constantly working on the enhancement of our products. The leading role of our medium-sized company in the market for measuring technology can be demonstrated, among other things, through inhouse developments such as the invention of the first commercially usable load cell.

Our focus is on the development and manufacture of customized measurement technology for individual fields of application. With the quality claim „Made in Germany“, Dr. Brandt GmbH combines devices and components that meet the highest requirements. These custom-designed and manufactured measuring systems can be implemented not only for planned new installations and plants. Our company is also a leading specialist furnishing and integrating spare parts for retrofitting existing plants.

Aside from their reliable, high-precision operation, products from Dr. Brandt are also known for their particularly long service life.


Our product range includes system solutions in the following areas:

  • Strip tension for steel, aluminum, non-ferrous metal
  • Web tension for sheet/paper
  • Rolling force measurement
  • Weighing technology
  • Force and load measuring technology
  • Non-destructive testing of steel ropes 
    (round and flat) mining and load lifting technology
  • Special solutions to suit customer requirements
    e.g. power plant engineering, wind turbines, dams, 
    hydraulic lift locks, ships, salvage cranes or similar for 
    high temperatures or aggressive ambient conditions
  • ATEX certification for safety-critical applications
  • certified to ISO 9001